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Partner Opportunities

Health System Partner Opportunities

Bellin Health is a not-for-profit, integrated health care delivery system that has been servicing Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula since 1908.   Bellin Health first developed the FastCare® brand of convenient care clinics in 2006.  Since opening the first of 3 clinics Bellin has seen primary care visits increase by 10% per year.  FastCare partners with health systems and retailers nationwide.  The clinics have convenient hours, including extended nights and weekends.

There is downstream revenue to your hospital generated by a combination of primary care visits, specialty visits, surgery and ancillary services.  This is an excellent way to align with your hospital's goal of achieving population health. 

  • Our model has been developed by a health care system like yours.
  • Our model always partners with a local health care system.
  • Your hospital keeps all of the revenue.


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Retailer Opportunities

The FastCare® model of convenient care clinics provides you with the opportunity to partner with your local health care system.  FastCare can positively affect the health of your community and your employees.  Data supports retail clinics will increase your prescriptions, over the counter sales and bring new customers into your store. 

  • Increase in prescription and over the counter sales.
  • Opportunity to partner with a local health care system
  • Increase in new customers to your store


For more information contact fastcare@fastcare.com